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  • Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 Review

    Date: 2011.03.02 | Category: Sony | Response: 0
    Sony has always had many favorite TV maker with a reason, excellent product quality. The reason behind this phenomenon is because Sony takes pride in delivering a quality product.
    That pride, recently manifested in the form of a Sony Bravia KDL55NX810, the latest 3D-Ready HDTV LED. This 55-inch LED HDTV Dynamic Edge is different, breathtaking features that Sony’s position reaffirmed in the market.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 Review
    Besides many new and advanced features in this LED HDTV, Bravia Engine 3 is perhaps the one who sets it apart other brands in the market. Bravia 3 is the newest and most advanced processing system from Sony, which enables it to deliver exquisite image detail, vibrant colors and less noise. The photos are just real with no over-saturation of color marking.
    Sony Bravia KDL55NX810 is designed with gamers in mind Sony’s designers / engineers. Thanks to Full HD 1080p resolution and wide-screen panel setting (1920p x 1080p 16:9 widescreen setting), you never seen a good gaming feel. Even non-gamers will feel the difference as their Blu-ray Disc player and start watching their favorite movies.

    One excellent feature is the 24p True Cinema technology used in this TV. Conventional televisions are not capable of rendering smooth movies with 24 frames per second. You can force them to do, but will only lead to unnatural movements and blurred pictures. However, thanks to 24 pTrue Cinema technology, Bravia KDL55NX810 is able to see images of how they should be seen. As such, you will eventually make your movies in a similar quality as you experience in theaters.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 Front Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 Review
    Like all other high-end HDTV market, Sony KDL55NX810 comes with built-in Wi-Fi for fast internet connectivity. Combined with Bravia Internet Video, direct stream anything you might want to look at your TV from various sources (eg, YouTube, Netflix and Slacker).
    I would like many other good things that make this TV a favorite for many people to discuss, but I have not enough room.

  • Toshiba 46WX800U Review

    Date: 2011.02.23 | Category: Toshiba | Response: 0
    With glasses-free 3D technology to the corner, soon-to-be traditional 3D TVs will be a hard sell. But that has not stopped companies like Toshiba to continue to express his pioneering sets touchdown. The 46-inch Toshiba 46WX800U comes with a lot of extra function in addition to 3D video output that Toshiba claims will blow you away.
    Toshiba 46WX800U Angle Toshiba 46WX800U Review
    The 46WX800U comes in standard black border, but this is much more angular than the rest with little or no curvature. This mode is not on a swivel, but this LCD set can also be mounted on a wall using the VESA Mounting Pattern. Behind crystal coat Toshiba Anti-reflective screen, you’ll find four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an Ethernet port to the default component, PC and digital audio ports.

    On the inside, the LED backlight Toshiba 46WX800U supports full 1080p HD, which of course means that you will find a 1,920 x1, 080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Toshiba claims that its technology clear frame, the frame rate in the 46WX800U above the standard LCD TVs with a 240Hz refresh rate said to create crisp and clear images regardless of the movement.
    Toshiba 46WX800U Stand Toshiba 46WX800U Review
    Also inside is a 14-bit video processor that Toshiba pure pixel 5G calls and claims that raises levels of gradation for smoother, sharper images. Completion Toshiba’s list of features to enhance performance is said Resolution +, an image scaling system that improves the details of each image, making everything “feels like HD”, the company said.
    Of course, the 3D system in 46WX800U requires glasses, which go for $ 169.99 each directly from Toshiba, and a 3D-capable device, such as a Blu-ray player or 3D programming receiver. However, this Toshiba screen comes WiFi-ready, which they make full use of the list of the business of widgets and Web apps like Netlfix, YouTube and Blockbuster. Finally, for approximately $ 2,599.99 (not including the glasses), the Toshiba has a 46-inch LED-backlit LCD TV with great 3D performance and entertainment features.

    Key Features
    • ClearFrame 240
    • PixelPure 5G
    • LED TV
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Digital Tuner
    • Great Expandability and Convenience
    • Stunning Sound
    • AutoView
    • Green Engineering
    • Gaming Mode
    • Media Player

  • Sony KDL-55HX800 LED HDTV Review

    Date: 2011.02.17 | Category: Sony | Response: 0
    When Sony’s Bravia KDL-55HX800 arrived in PC Labs, we could not wait to take a crowbar. (It came packaged in a solid wooden crate.) Once extracted, however, we treated with kid gloves. After all, this is the first 3D HDTV we test, and a fairly expensive one at that. While the HX800 Series is the least expensive of Sony’s family of 3D HDTV (the LX900 and HX909 are the other two), you would not know by this sharp 55-inch HDTV’s price tag. And by the time you add in 3D glasses for the family and a 3-channel, you’re in for about $ 4,000. And that does not include a 3D-capable Blu-ray player or discs. As with most brand-new technologies, you pay a premium on the ground floor. But the good news is that besides 3D, get the latest TV technologies including LED backlighting and a fast 240Hz refresh rate, which translates to a 2D photo is beautiful. That makes one of the 10 best HDTVs we’ve tested.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 55HX800 Front Sony KDL 55HX800 LED HDTV Review
    With its clean lines and thin glossy black bezel, the HX800 is a good looking HDTV. Other than a few little status indicators and a polished chrome Sony logo in the center of the lower ring, the front of the set is very clean. This model uses a proprietary LED backlight technology called Dynamic Edge, a hybrid of sorts, consisting of edge-lit LEDs and a portion of the array of LEDs with local dimming. As a result, the HX800 is not nearly as thin as other models such as edge-lit LG 47LE5500, but still maintains a relatively slim profile. The cabinet is about 2 inches thick, except at the bottom where it extends from an additional ¾-inch to accommodate a pair of embedded down-firing speakers. The 50-pound panel is supported by a shiny black swivel stand that square on three sides, with a rounded back. With a screen this size I usually see a little wobble, and the HX800 is no exception. Still, it is much more stable than the Samsung LN55C650.

    The right side of the enclosure houses power, channel, volume and input selector controls, and a Home (menu) button. There is also an energy saving switch, which, when set to position, you can power the TV using the remote or the on-board button. Setting off mode is equal to the power cord. On the left side of the TV are two HDMI connections, a set of composite A/V ports and a USB port. Unlike the Samsung LN-55C650, which includes two USB ports, the HX800 is limited to one, meaning you Sony’s optional wireless LAN adapter (sold separately) and plug into a USB thumb drive for playing media in the same time. Most of the I / O ports are recessed into the rear of the cabinet and includes a 3D-Sync socket (optional) for 3D transmitter, an Ethernet port, coaxial TV and PC / VGA connectors, two sets of component A/V ports, stereo and optical audio outputs, and a PC audio input. About the only thing missing is a card reader as recorded on the Panasonic TC-P50G25 plasma.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 55HX800 Thin Sony KDL 55HX800 LED HDTV Review
    The HX800 comes with an attractive 8.6-inch matte black handset is equipped with a hollow face with 43 buttons and a 4-way rocker. The buttons are not illuminated, but they are clearly labeled and well distributed. The favorites, Menu, Options, and Display buttons are well positioned (around the rocker), making it easy to navigate any menu item without a glance at the remote. There is also a special 3D button to switch between 2D and 3D modes, a Qriocity (Sony video-on-demand service) button and a Scene button that allows you to choose one of six video presets (Cinema , Sports, Photo, Game, graphics, and general) in addition to the three major video modes (Standard, Vivid, and Custom) are available from the main menu. There is also a music preset for optimum music playback, and an Auto mode that video and audio output according to the source optimizes the signal. Car worked well enough for TV broadcast, but I found that the cinema before the best all-around photograph, especially when watching Blu-ray content delivered. The Internet Video button takes you to the Web applications menu system, and an i-Manual button launches a comprehensive online manual that features, components, how-tos, and tips for solving includes the HX800.

    Sony provided us with a 3D Blu-ray player for testing, along with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Monster vs. Aliens, and a demo disc with multiple scenes from the current 3-D movies, golf and football clips. Overall, the 3D effect is well implemented and fun to watch, but it’s not perfect. For starters, the picture is not as clear as in 2D, due to the dark lenses. You also get some ghosting around 3D images. In fairness, though, I have experienced in all 3D demos I’ve seen. The crosstalk seems worse the farther you move from the center of the screen.
    Although the cartoons are fun to watch, the sports scene showed the true appeal of 3D television. Watching the pros tee off and take pictures of the bunker had me feeling like I was sitting in the stands, and the view from behind the net during a FIFA World Cup game was also impressive. Yet fast action 3D hard on the eyes, it is difficult to follow, say, the flight of a ball with everything else going on in the background. Many of us felt in the lab varying degrees of tired eyes on full view. And we all agree that everything we saw on the HX800 looked better in 2D.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 55HX800 Back Sony KDL 55HX800 LED HDTV Review
    The HX800 turned in a respectable contrast ratio of 2,814:1, as measured by our CS-200 Chroma Meter darkroom after a basic calibration. That number is slightly higher than what we saw of the Bravia KDL-52NX800, although this model comes slightly deeper blacks (0.09 cd/m2) than the HX800 (0.12 cd/m2). Samples from grayscale LCD display level diagnostic software showed no signs of paint or saturation, and the colors were very accurate.
    When it comes to 2D, the HX800 does an excellent job of displaying HD content, and SD performance is not bad. The set had no trouble passing the HD HQV edges, film resolution and HD-sound tests, and scenes from Repo Men and The Green Zone on Blu-ray discs were clean and very detailed. The quality of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine in HD via satellite labs box was also very good. Whatever the source, local dimming backlighting produced some minor blooming in some of the darker scenes, but it was minimal and not too distracting. Standard-definition TV broadcasts and DVD playback looked pretty good, except for the occasional jaggie. The HX800 struggled a bit with the standard-definition HQV test flag, indicating a minor weakness deinterlacing. Passing every other test easily.

    The kit uses an average of 171 watts, while displaying high-definition content from a Blu-ray player. This is slightly less than the 55-inch CCFL-based LN55C650 Samsung, but considerably more than the same size LED-backlit 55UX600U Toshiba, which an average of only 90 watts in our tests went. Based on the 2009 national average cost of 11.55 cents per kWh and assuming five hours per day using the HX800 will add about 10 cents a day (or $ 3 per month) to your energy bill.
    The biggest question you must ask yourself: Should you buy now a 3D TV? As with any new tech product type, 3D-TV has its flaws, some of which can be solved if the technology develops. That said, Sony Bravia KDL-55HX800 a good job of displaying the limited catalog of 3D content available today. More importantly, the 2D image quality is quite good, and it comes with a full complement of Web apps to keep you busy while you wait for more 3D content available. You get better overall performance of o Samsung’s 55-inch-LN55C650 for less money. But if you need 3D now, the HX800 is a good bet, just know that all the necessary accessories will greatly Jack the already expensive price.

  • Toshiba 55WX800U Review

    Date: 2011.02.07 | Category: Toshiba | Response: 0
    If you already amazed by the recent 3D movies in the theater, you can now view in 3D in your living room. 3D images to add depth and space that pulls you into the action on screen. The experience of 3D effects you need for special 3D glasses, make sure you choose a TV and glasses of the same brand for compatibility. 3D TVs offer superb picture quality for all you 2D viewing.
    Toshiba 55WX800U Front Toshiba 55WX800U Review
    The 55WX800U is the largest 3D-ready Toshiba HDTV. Put it together with Toshiba’s 3D glasses (sold separately) and a 3D video source, and you can do something at home that is available at the cinema experience. And even if you’re not sure you want to use for 3D TV just yet, this future-ready set also provides an excellent 2D image on everything you watch.

    One reason 3D-ready models like this one look so impressive is their ability to make images with lightning speed. Toshiba’s ClearFrame 240Hz motion processing keeps the image looking for a crystal clear whether you’re watching college football in 3D or 2D Law and Order. Moreover, this TV’s Edge-lit LED backlight provides a high-impact images with bright contrast, vivid colors and deep black levels.
    Toshiba 55WX800U Stand Toshiba 55WX800U Review
    The Net has 55WX800U TV, that lets you stream Netflix titles from your Instant Queue, or order of a 3000 + high-definition movies available on Vudu movies. You can rock to Internet radio “stations” tailored for everyone in your home, thanks to Pandora Radio. You also get Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, and other useful web applications, all accessible from the comfort of your couch.

    Key Features
    • 55″ screen (measured diagonally)
    • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
    • QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
    • can display 3D images when viewed with Toshiba’s shutter glasses (sold separately, call)
    • ClearFrame 240Hz Blur Reduction for clearer motion
    • Edge LED backlight for high contrast and natural colors
    • 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
    • built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to your home network
    • Internet-ready – play Netflix movies, Pandora, and more (requires broadband service, Netflix subscription required)
    • video and music streamed from a DLNA-compatible PC running Windows (Wi-Fi adapter included)
    • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2 plus 10 watts for subwoofer)
    • illuminated multibrand remote control
    • simplified control of compatible Toshiba components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
    • meets the ENERGY STAR requirements
    • picture settings memory for each video input

  • Sony BRAVIA KDL-46HX800 Review

    Date: 2011.01.17 | Category: Sony | Response: 0
    The Sony KDL-46HX800 is a 46-inch, 1080p, edge lit LED 3D-Ready TV, which is part of Sony’s Bravia series of 3D-HX800 televisions. This is the medium of 3 HX800 3D TVs that Sony released in 2010. The HX800 is the consumer range 3D TV offering from Sony in 2010. With Sony’s Deep Black Panel display technology, 3D Full HD, Dynamic Edge backlit advanced BRAVIA Sony’s Engine 3 video processing technology, LED, KDL46HX800 is a very attractive option for consumers looking for an LED 3D TV that a good price offers Buy your money.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Angle Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Review
    While the Sony KDL-46HX800 is not the most attractive / elegant-looking TV in comparison to some of the higher end “designer” televisions sold by Sony, Samsung and other manufacturers, it is not an eye sore either, and looks fairly attractive on the whole. It features a high gloss, plastic and moderately thin bezel. The screen itself is about 3 inches in width (2 7/8″ to be exact), making it very slim in profile and suitable for mounting on walls if that is what you want.
    It should be noted that much slimmer Samsung 3D TVs sold in the C7000, C8000 and C9000 range of televisions, but the dimensions are not the only important factor in judging a television. All-in-all TV looks quite attractive for the price, but lacks the “Oomf” factor that some might want of their next television purchase. But what can the lack of charisma, it does have to deal with the price-performance point.

    The Sony KDL-46HX800 boasts a 1080p Full HD display capable of delivering 3D high-definition content in all its 1080p glory. It’s a great panel for gaming also. This panel also includes Sony’s Deep Black Panel technology consists mainly of special optical coatings on the glass in front of the LED panel, which improves contrast and black levels, while reducing glare. It should be noted that the 46HX800 a glossy screen so it is prone to a certain extent external reflections and glare, depending on ambient light.
    While glossy screens can never match the level of glare that can make matte screens, they do have the advantage of better image contrast to make things “pop”. Another plus for 46HX800 Deep Black Panel is that the coating actually works reasonably well. Unless you are extremely sensitive to dazzle your TV into a very small space without the possibility of ambient light on how the monitoring should 46HX800 perform well in your living room.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Back Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Review
    As with other Edge-lit LED 3D TVs available, the 46HX800 not the best performance when it comes to viewing angle. This is basically a prolonged reduction of the LED / LCD displays due to the directional nature of the backlight. As a result, once you go over 15 degrees off the axis on both sides of the TV, you will notice a marked decrease in contrast ratio and the picture starts to look washed out. This will also affect the poorer viewing 3D content on the larger off-axis angles.
    While the 2D performance of the KDLHX800 is very beautiful, how is the 3D performance? Well, the first thing to note is that the Sony KDL-HX800 not come with the 3D-Sync transmitter and 3D glasses to use the 3D capabilities of this TV. While this may seem a negative, it means that TV sells for a lower price and for those who want to await the adoption of 3D technology, they can be a great set that performs well now for 2D keeping the peace of being able to upgrade to 3D, if they decided.

    Of all the current manufacturers, Sony has the best Media / Internet suite is available on their Bravia line of televisions. The KDL-46HX800 can be connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port, or if you buy an optional USB WiFi adapter (Note: It is a Sony adapter, generic ones that do not work with the set). Our advice to you would be to buy a WiFi adapter and make sure to connect via an Ethernet cable. The reason is that streaming video over WiFi usually leaves much to be desired and a less satisfying experience.
    Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Front Sony BRAVIA KDL 46HX800 Review
    Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX800 This is an ideal edge lit TV which performs very well in both 2D and 3D fronts, offering an excellent price-quality LED. Many consumers have praised this TV for its stunning color and black level. While some TVs suffer from clouding and flash lighting issues, by and large the 46HX800 seems to have fewer problems in those areas.
    For 3D enthusiasts, the disadvantage is that they will need additional spending to a 3D sync channel and 3D active shutter glasses, but the good news is that this is one of the best LED 3D TVs that are currently available and less cross-talk and ghosting problems compared to some competition from Samsung. The beautiful assortment of web apps and widgets is a pleasant addition and all-in-all, we would certainly recommend that you television when deciding on purchasing a 46 inch 3D Ready TV to consider.

  • LG 50PX950 Plasma 3D TV Review

    Date: 2010.12.28 | Category: LG | Response: 0
    LG is an ambitious brand. After the number one in the U.S. for mobile phones the company is focusing its attention on television: It wants the number one there too. And it hopes to achieve this by offering as the PX950 plasma TVs and the upcoming LEX8 LCD.
    LG has a few different design features in the last few years, with the most obvious is limitless, and a secondary aesthetic to what we call “glass painting”. The new 50PX950 connects these two.
    LG Infinia 50PX950 Front LG 50PX950 Plasma 3D TV Review
    With the PX950, you get a flush screen with a “hidden” like the LX9500 LCD bezel, but at the edges, it goes on the blue theme of the previous plasma range – even if not entirely successful, it is subtle. For closer inspection of the fit and finish not like television sets from premium rivals.
    The 50PX950 is a plasma TV and so it is not supermodel thin, but much slimmer than its Panasonic competition. Everything is held upright by a tempered glass base and a clear plastic podium.
    The remote control? It’s a good – indeed, one of our favorites. The buttons are big, feel the ergonomic and easy to use without looking at. Our only slight bugbear is that you must press a button in the upper right corner to run the backlight.

    If you’ve been following the coverage you can about both IPTV and 3D, and will have been either confused or upset about the fact that it is suitable for both. For us, the money has always been on internet TV, but it is much less “sexy” in 3D. Despite that, the LG has to offer is still the only TV at the time of writing to BigPond movie and TV downloads.
    But is 3D that LG wants to sell to you, and in a bit of a coup there, the first THX-certified, the 3D to the quality of 3D images to be improved fetched. The TV will convert material into 3D and back again, and the record is a single set of glasses.
    LG Infinia 50PX950 Top LG 50PX950 Plasma 3D TV Review
    The panel itself is a 1920×1080-pixel plasma, which promises a TruBlack filter, better blacks and less reflection features. For us is important as a TV as the LG 47LE7500 is distractingly reflective in a lighted room.
    The TV is well connected and has Ethernet and wireless networks (via a supplied USB dongle). You also get four HDMI ports (but no audio back channel support) and two component inputs. If the sound of content on-board to hear the TV channel you can use the optical to your receiver via digital output. A VGA input is also included.

    3D performance
    While the industry is still jumping up and down about 3D is the general public not so impressed by her. But this could change all the TV? As the “world’s first THX-certified 3D TV from LG” – see what they did with the quantifiers it? – We were excited to see how this TV in that which has carried out a quite appalling turnout this year.
    What does THX certification to do 3D? Now LG has a history of working with THX “accurate” to ensure sound and image. This is evidenced in the wealth of professional-yet-simple setup options on his TV. The THX 3D mode is to extend this by offering reduced crosstalk and better pictures.
    LG Infinia 50PX950 Side LG 50PX950 Plasma 3D TV Review
    In the test, we found it worked as planned. Switching between “Standard” mode and “THX” mode, we found the color palette was less hyperactive and more “natural” on the “Monsters vs. Aliens” 3D Blu-ray and spectral crosstalk was reduced. Unfortunately, there were still traces of crosstalk in the guide wires from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Panasonic and Sony systems could reproduce this scene better.
    Funny, proposes the TV you “a break of 10 minutes to 15 minutes per hour” every time you engage 3D mode and we can not see too many people stop a movie half of their eyes to do exercises. But it’s nice to know that they care.

    2D performance
    we will find the LG secure Actor – Move to 2D content – honest because sometimes, there are a lot of it about. It blitzed the synthetic tests such as playback of video content and the ability to “jaggies” to overcome, suggesting, it should also lead with the most content.
    But what can not the synthetic tests assess how well the TV play movies every day, so we invited our BDX2000 Toshiba player with the Mission Impossible III Disc, trawled through the picturesque bridge scene and pressed Send.
    The opening was sent flying by with a little wiggle and no moire in the fence that runs alongside the road treated. But as soon as the vision cut to Tom Cruise’s face the problems started, and yes smarty-pants, we know, but there was more wrong than that. Plasma may have trouble distinguishing between colors tend to a line between colors graduated as a smooth surface to leave. The skin tone on Tom’s face was spotted as he’d had a lifetime of drinking cheap port.
    LG Infinia 50PX950 Stand LG 50PX950 Plasma 3D TV Review
    Strangely, we found that this is a side effect of the THX mode – the colors were a little too “hot” and drag the slider down a bit of color we could eliminate them. Otherwise, noise was kept to a minimum and the TV was between digital sums (bad) and film grain to distinguish (good) competent.
    Go to “Batman Begins” on Blu-ray and the picture that greeted us was detailed and deep, and the gradation problem was less pronounced. The black levels may not like the Sony HX800s this world or the Panasonic Plasmas are made, but it’s closer to find in there, and us, this is important.
    This depth was was still in evidence on the King Kong DVD and TV confidently track movement without the “contrails” we’ve seen us on models like the Panasonic Viera TH-P65VT20A. Colors were natural, with King Kong’s fur looked like fur and not some form of gray-green licorice.

    His visual beings as we are, sound quality is on a TV usually something that we do not think about. But if you do not have a sound system then the LG makes a good fist of the dialogue and sound effects. We were pleased with how full and uncompressed it sounded impressed, and Mumbly players could be relatively well understood.
    The switch to the IPTV platform, we NetCast Fired Up BigPond movies and found the interface to be friendly and easy to use. The quality of the image depends on the source material, but pulling up a free copy of schlocky 80s cash-in-Masters of the Universe, we found that the picture was blocky and not worth the zero dollars that we paid for him.
    LG TVs have a history of consistent performance, but it’s usually something small that prevents them from ever full credit and a reflective plate is one example. We were pleasantly surprised, then the LG 50PX950 has found no such glaring issues. It is a top performer at a good price.
  • LG 55LX9500 Review

    Date: 2010.12.08 | Category: LG | Response: 0
    When it comes to the LG INFINIA 55LX9500, it seems that the manufacturer found the phrase: “You can never be too rich or too thin” to heart. This 3D-TV is very thin with a screen to the TV screen, which is only 0.33 cm from the edge of the image measures to the edge of the frame. This means that, when viewed from the front, the 55LX9500 almost all of the TV screen for you to enjoy the rich colors and vivid images without having to be distracted by a thick bezel. If you sit down to watch a program – whether in 2D or 3D – you do not prefer to see the image?
    LG 55LX9500 Front LG 55LX9500 Review
    The 55LX9500 is a THX-certified 3D-TV. This means that the TV conducted a rigorous set of laboratory tests and evaluation of all aspects of the TV picture quality, such as brightness, contrast, color accuracy, viewing angle and video-processing power of the images in the right and left eyes. This certification is achieved evident in the excellent image quality, vivid colors and deep blacks with two dimensions of content.
    While the overall image quality is excellent, the 3D TV just missed target primarily because of its 3-D effect is not as satisfying or realistic as that of the Panasonic TC-P54VT25. But his outstanding slim design and light weight this TV lands in our second place in front of the Sony XBR-60LX900.

    Like the other 3D-TV reviewed here INFINIA the LX line of active shutter glasses to view 3D content needs. Currently there is not much content from any provider – there are a handful of Blu-ray 3-D films and occasional sports events on the newly introduced 3-channel ESPN. To view the available 3D content, you, your friends and every member of your family have their own pair of active shutter glasses, which can reach up to $ 200 per cost center. Additionally, if you see the available Blu-ray 3-D movies do you have to buy a separate Blu-ray DVD player with 3D capabilities – your current Blu-ray player is not likely to reproduce 3D images.
    The INFINIA LX series of LED TVs, which also 47LX9500 55LX6500 and are currently the only models by LG that offers 3D TV features with the 55-inch TV, the largest in the product line. The company also announced that the INFINIA PX950 line of 60 – and is 50-inch THX-certified plasma TVs 3D be available soon.
    LG 55LX9500 Back LG 55LX9500 Review
    The most striking feature of the LG 55LX9500 3D TV is the slimness of the design. We do not believe could get a TV at any thinner. At only 1.3 inches deep, it’s almost like there’s no TV there are any, when viewed from the side. Even with such a thin design, LG has managed an impressive array of features in this 3D TV Pack.
    This 3D-TV is capable of accessing the Internet through its built-in Ethernet port so you can stream content from Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Picasa and Yahoo TV Widgets. In addition to the Ethernet port, you can connect your network with a wireless adapter (sold separately) to the name.

    The LG 3D-TV, a number of audio and video inputs including four HDMI inputs, three component video inputs and one composite video input. But the audio-only optical digital audio outputs and a stereo headphone jack, which could limit your options if you ever need to to an audio source with RCA jacks. The TV also includes two USB ports that you can use to connect flash drives and external hard drives for the display of photo, music or the management of other types of media.
    This 3D TV does not include conversion features that can create a decent 3D effect from a 2D image. If you want to see a television with the 3D effect, it must be the programming created specifically for 3D view.
    LG 55LX9500 Stand LG 55LX9500 Review
    The LG 55LX9500 3D-TV has an LCD display with edge-lit light-emitting diode (LED) backlight. According to LG, its full-Slim LED technology delivers stunning clarity with local dimming won a Super Slim allow display. If you do not know what that means, we will try to explain.
    Traditional LCD screens use fluorescent lighting on the back of the plate to the liquid crystal display backlight. The manufacturers have introduced LED-backlight, because they have less power and can they make it much thinner flat screen frames. So basically LED technology is just another type of lighting an LCD TV and a good excuse for manufacturers to charge you more money. An edge-lit LED means simply that the lighting at the edge of the plate instead of on the back, which is located allows for more streamlined designs. It also includes the LG 55LX9500 3D TV local dimming, the LEDs can be dimmed in independent areas, creating deeper blacks and higher contrast screen.

    This 3D-TV uses a technology called TruMotion 480Hz refresh rate with that motion blur removal of high action scenes in sports events and fast-paced films. The TruMotion 480Hz technology combined with scanning backlight 240Hz video processing to eliminate motion blur and dramatically increase the image quality on off-center angles. In addition, the LG 3D-TV 55LX9500 four milliseconds response time, how fast can the record the video image shows refresh. The faster the reaction time, the smoother the motion appears on your TV screen.
    We found that the technology TruMotion impressive and very impressive is when viewing 2D content. The jury is still out of 3D content. In our opinion, if the 600Hz refresh rate Panasonic TC-P54VT25 a much better and more immersive experience than the LG 3D-TV.
    LG 55LX9500 Angle LG 55LX9500 Review
    To 3D content using any 3D-TV, you will need some type of transmitter that sends the signal to the required active shutter glasses. Some of the manufacturers have built this into the TV spotlight, while others require a separate hardware send the signals. The LG TVs require a separate emitter but fortunately one is there when you buy the LG 55LX9500TV.
    Unfortunately, LG does not include pairs of active shutter glasses with the TV. If you want to use the 3D TV functions, you need a pair for each person wishing to obtain observed.
    The LG 55LX9500 3D TV also comes with two unique “magic wand” remote controls that work much like the Wiimote to control the Nintendo Wii game console. With simple hand movements with the wand, you can use the cursor on the screen to Internet-based content, TV menus and embedded games access.

    Help and Support
    LG includes a one-year warranty on parts and labor for this 3D TV. If you have questions, you can look for answers in the history Knowledge Base articles are to search on their website. You can also chat live online with a customer service representative. You can also reach customer support via e-mail and by phone.
    The technology available today for viewing of 3D TV is very impressive and you can bet that it will only get better. However, there are not observed very much content available, but the coming and will only get better as directors and producers a better handle on this technology. Even if you disagree with the LG 55LX9500 to 3D content, rest assured that it is one of the best HDTVs available on the market to see today.
    During his 3-D TV functions can easily missing, his ability, vivid, sharp and crystal clear 2D images is very impressive. But to get this amazing picture, you’ll pay a premium price. Be sure to check to see our other 3D TV, so you can ensure that you are the model that best fits your needs.
  • Samsung UN55C8000 Review

    Date: 2010.12.02 | Category: Samsung | Response: 0
    Samsung 55″ UN55C8000 is in the comfortable middle of its 2010 3D LED (LCD) line, although it will (has .3 more expensive a higher valuation contrast ratio than the next, wafer-thin”) C9000 series.
    The C8000s Samsung LED are the only 3D models “Precision Dimming” (commonly known as local dimming) function and adds 240 Hz refresh and slim .9″ deep. Due to a panel uniformity problem in our factory loaner review unit, we limit this first look at its 3D capabilities and performance.
    Samsung UN55C8000 Angle Samsung UN55C8000 Review
    This has set a thin (1″ 55 to finish) bezel with a brushed aluminum type. It includes a chrome-plated swivel Quad-legged stand and a backlit remote control. All inputs are on the back of the plate (four HDMI, one composite video with L/R audio, dual USB and an Ethernet jack). Because of the thin panel design, Samsung waived the standard Ethernet, analog audio/video, D-Sub 15 pin PC and component video jacks replace miniature jacks and delivered content, “dongle.”
    The C8000 is a product data sheet states that “3D action provides smooth movement and 240 Hz, but while the set contains both functions, they are not active at a time. refreshed with 2D sources, the amount of 240 frames per second with motion estimation/motion compensation interpolated intermediate images 24, 30 or 60 frames per second to create content. In 3D mode, the C8000 shows 120 active frames per second (60 per eye) with Black Frame Insertion between active picture box. The result left panel, black frame, the right picture frame black, left image, etc.
    Due to the lack of 3D content with full HD (1920 x 1080 per eye), our starting material consists of two Blu-ray discs: “Monsters and Aliens” and Panasonic 3D demo disc. Other available demo material has “Side by Side” 3D, half high-resolution (960 x 1080) per eye and includes Cablevision 3D broadcast of the Rangers vs. Islanders’ hockey game on a DVR and a series of clips recorded by 3D Guy. The 8000 and all other Samsung 3D HDTV accept 3D “Side by Side” content will be loaded on a USB drive via the USB port.

    Samsung 3D displays integrate new controls found on any of its 2-D displays, including 2D (more on this later) to 3D conversion, 3D Auto View mode sets (3D-formats, if the content is encoded with the necessary metadata ), image correction versa (to the left and right eye images when the contents were recorded vice versa), and 3D view slides (forward or back to the 3D effect, we call it horizontal parallax shift).
    Normally this control to “0″ is set, it has a range of -5 to +5. The increase of the control moves the image to the front (at the expense of increased cross-talk, more on that later), while reducing the control it withdraws. One possible application is for a 3D image for a larger screen to compensate mastered. A reduction of control to reduce eye fatigue for the small percentage of viewers who support the “Stereo eye convergence” issues.
    Samsung UN55C8000 Stand Samsung UN55C8000 Review
    View native 3D content requires Samsung’s 3D glasses, so that the 3D mode on the TV and of course native 3D source material that exists now only in “Monsters vs. Aliens” exclusive to Samsung’s two glasses 3D Starter Kit .
    We started our set with the movement assessment resolution in 3D mode. The Samsung will receive all 1,080 lines of resolution in the presence of motion. We also tested image brightness in 3D mode. Only two image adjustment modes are available if 3D is working, Standard and Movie.
    Our tests show the movie mode is closest to the ideal settings for the default user picture settings. We found that without glasses, the image brightness measured 44.67 m Lambert in the 3D “Standard” mode and 43.20 m Lamberts (w/o glasses) in the “Movie” mode. Select the glasses and placing a lens in front of our Konica/Minolta LS-100 light meter, a measurement Lamberts 14.60 m (standard) and 13.84 m Lamberts (Movie). All these readings are quite low for an HDTV and the need for a weak viewing environment to the factory settings. Readers who can persevere look to a brighter image to be the level of general brightness reset the TV series “Gamma Control” from the factory default center (2,2) to maximum, to increase produce a much brighter image at the expense of image reproduction.

    Watch 3D
    Two new factors are in the evaluation of 3D images: flicker and crosstalk. Your brain creates the illusion of 3D by combining a left and a right eye view  that the record shows one after another. Without 3D glasses, blur the resulting image appears as a single-, double-image. The performance goal of a 3D display /glasses combination will never allow to see the right eye image of the left eye and vice versa. Cross Talk, as unintentional ghost image results when the wrong eye sees leakage and seen the wrong image.
    This phenomenon is most evident when a high contrast between objects in the foreground and background occurs. For example, the wearing of a player or official in a 3D hockey game against the black and white ice. Flicker appears as a pulsating of the image, especially in bright areas.
    Samsung UN55C8000 Front Samsung UN55C8000 Review
    The good news is that, unlike Sony’s store demos of its LED-LCD of Samsung UN55C8000 was flickering. On the other hand, we observed many cases of cross-talk. For example, at 3 minutes 54 seconds in “Monsters and Aliens” left and right ghost of a black church appear against a sky background (see photo, it seems, one eye through the 3D glasses). In the short “Bob’s Big Break”, on the “Monsters vs. Aliens” Disc crosstalk is often necessary in addition to Dr. Cockroach visible antenna. We have never observed cross-talk in our assessment of the Panasonic TC-P50VT20 (link).
    We have also tried Panasonic demo disc and found cross-talk in the coral reef fish underwater scenes segment (currently our favorite demo, because the fish seem to float in space in front of the screen). Crosstalk is a by-product of the 3D LED-LCD technology? Based on the analysis and comparison of a single model that we can not draw such a conclusion, however, produced the Panasonic plasma, a crosstalk-free 3D experience with some of the same content.
    2D -> 3D
    The Samsung 3D-ready devices have the ability, ordinary 2D content in what we like to convert to call genuine simulated 3D. The conversion adds depth to the image, even though it strongly depends on the material from. Some content looks more impressive than others. Our two favorites for the conversion to date are the new Star Trek Blu-ray and the NCAA playoffs. Both offer great depth from a flat image, although we have not seen each object appear in front of the screen (called the negative Z-axis) and do not know if it’s possible.

    The “depth control” gives the illusion of increased space between the objects on the computer screen and the background level. Overall, we found this function adds dimension and immersion in 2-D content, but it is never as dramatic as native 3D content. I think some owners will enjoy the very effect and use it often. It will allow us to experiment and in the next full inspection plan to list other programs that improve the function to continue.
    The Samsung produces a fine 3-D experience in the depth, clarity and diving and we appreciate the 2D-> 3D conversion, but we found the crosstalk to a distracting annoyance to an otherwise exciting experience to be. We produce a full review including our full menu of 2D performance tests, if we determine that the unity issue is limited to our test device or is endemic in the design, so please stay tuned.
  • Sony XBR60LX900 HDTV Review

    Date: 2010.11.30 | Category: Sony | Response: 0
    What would you say if we told you that if you sit down to the Sony BRAVIA XBR-60LX900 to see 3D TV, the TV watches you back? Maybe you would say something like, “that sounds kind of funny” or ”Wow, that sounds cool.”
    With what Sony’s Intelligent Presence sensor with face detection calls, the watch XBR-60LX900 3D TV, make sure that you watch it. With this technology, the XBR-60LX900 is to identify a tiny camera at the screen when you watch TV. If you turn away your face from the screen, the TV automatically dims the screen. If the camera does not recognize all the faces watching, the TV switches off to save energy.
    Sony XBR 60LX900 Sony XBR60LX900 HDTV Review
    The sensor detects camera and your location in the room and adjusts the left and right volume balance and optimize the image. In addition, this 3D TV sounds an alarm and displays a warning message when children get within about three feet of the screen.
    Oh, and incidentally, this 3D TV and excellent image quality in 2D and is one of the best HDTVs you can buy. The generated 3D images are also very good, but not quite up to par, as we have seen in our series a product, the Panasonic TC-P54VT25 or our number two product, the LG 55LX9500.

    The Sony XBR 60LX900 3D TV has a built-in Wi-Fi that lets you connect to your home network and the Internet. You can on Sony’s BRAVIA Internet video service to produce, so that you can stream video and music from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, NPR, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, YouTube, blip.tv, Pandora, myplay and more. You can also connect to the Internet through the available Ethernet port on the back of the TV is.
    The TV and BRAVIA Internet widgets that you please add apps on your screen. These applications can now access local news, weather, sports news and Twitter updates. Sony’s 3-D TV has a variety of audio and video inputs including four HDMI inputs, one component video input and two composite video inputs. The TV also features a USB port to use for home videos, view photos or listen to your favorite music.
    Sony XBR 60LX900 Angle Sony XBR60LX900 HDTV Review
    If you’re wearing the active shutter glasses for a long time and enjoy all want to see your programming with the 3D effect, 60LX900 includes the XBR-2D to 3D conversion offers. This function takes 2D mathematical programming and changed to mimic the signal for 3D programming. The effect adds some depth to the images, but it is not as convincing or as immersive as content created specifically for 3D TV. Also, the quality of the 3D generated from the conversion on the quality of the original 2D content.
    You also can access and exchange of different types of media to DLNA-compatible devices such as PC or game console.

    Technical data
    The BRAVIA XBR-60LX900 has a beautiful 60-inch screen with Edge-lit LED backlight, which for a thin and slim design allows. The 3D-TV includes a built-in transmitter that allows you to view 3D content without attaching additional hardware. Of course, you will still need a couple to make active shutter glasses that the content watchable.
    Sony boasts that this 3D TV has an infinite dynamic contrast ratio. The dynamic contrast ratio compares the luminance of a white video signal with the luminosity of a black signal. When the TV receives a black signal, the LED-backlit display and the resulting dynamic contrast ratio creates an infinite black. This is simply another way of saying that the Sony can produce true 3D-TV blacks and bright whites. The dynamic contrast also creates vibrant colors and crisp images. In addition, Sony’s best 3D display with the optical contrast panel, which develops image improves accuracy and reduces glare and reflection.
    Sony XBR 60LX900 Stand Sony XBR60LX900 HDTV Review
    Sony has included its Motionflow PRO 240Hz refresh rate technology for fast action scenes creating smoother images. This technology works very well with 2D images, reducing motion blur. It also works very well with 3D cinema, but we found that the 3D effect is not quite as realistic or as crisp as the Panasonic TX-P54VT25 3D TV.
    The LX900 series of 3D television uses Sony’s own Bravia Engine 3 (REC 3), a digital video processor that produces a sharper image more alive. If you watch standard-definition programming on this BRAVIA HDTV, you will immediately notice that the BE 3 processor improves the image quality by reducing noise, or graininess of the image and improving color and contrast. The BE 3 not a remarkable job of processing 2D and 3D images in full HD quality.

    This 3D-TV consists of two pairs of active shutter glasses required to view full 3D content. This means that you can start and another friend or family member immediately available to enjoy 3D programming. These glasses are usually for $ 150 to $ 200 per their recording which makes an excellent value selling for you.
    The 3D-TV, a remote control with batteries, a power cable and a table leg, if you do not want to put it on your wall. The box does not include a HDMI cable or other audio/video cable.
    Sony XBR 60LX900 Side Sony XBR60LX900 HDTV Review
    If you want to view 3D DVDs, now you need a 3D Blu-ray player. If you already have a Blu-ray player, it will not play discs with 3D content, if it is a 3D-capable classified. If you have a PlayStation 3 game console, it will play Blu-ray discs with 3D content.
    The Sony BRAVIA XBR-60LX900 is an excellent high-definition TV with vivid colors and snappy images. The 3D TV functions are very good and impressive but not quite meet our expectations in check to compare side by side with some of the other 3D-TV here. The TV is equipped with features and has a very elegant design, but also those that are technology and beauty at a fairly high price. If you do not think that this is the 3D TV for you, make sure to take the time to read our other reviews.

  • Panasonic TC-P50VT25 Plasma 3D TV Review

    Date: 2010.11.25 | Category: Panasonic | Response: 0
    One might think that would be boring to read and review-one flat to another, if not deafening. And it would be if the technology were static. Fee-fie-ho-hum, will introduce a new flat screen of the scrum.
    But the technology is not static. LCDs, Plasma, HDMI, LED backlighting, side lighting, local dimming, dramatic black levels, improved Internet capabilities and shows the future potential for higher resolution and perhaps even 21:9 (2.35:1) aspect ratio sets-all have kept our interest high, and cause us to learn and write about it.
    Panasonic TC P50VT25 Front Panasonic TC P50VT25 Plasma 3D TV 
    And oh yes, the little thing called 3D. It seems lately to be big catch, especially in your local multiplex. The 3-D action promises to be, just as intense this fall on the retail floor of the local video store.
    The 50-inch Panasonic TC-P50VT25 is the smallest of the four sets in the all-3D VT25 series. Apart from 3D, an optional network camera (not tested), and a few additional features like a 96-Hz setting for the playback of 1080p/24 sources, its features are almost identical to those of the Panasonic TC-P50G25.

    The 3-sets that we have seen so far, all two of them, including this one-time effect have different and individually controlled menus for 2D and 3D operation. While the TC is THX certified for P50VT25 2D in its THX picture mode, it is not currently for 3D THX-certified. The cinema screen replaces the THX option in the 3D menu screen setting.
    Of the five picture modes Custom offers the broadest range of controls, particularly in its Pro settings menu. The latter includes white balance, a limited color management system, several levels of gamma, brightness, and three panel options.
    Panasonic TC P50VT25 Back Panasonic TC P50VT25 Plasma 3D TV 
    Because the Custom picture mode offers additional controls, increase the brightness (in particular, the Panel brightness control), and because all the brightness you can get in 3D to have to overcome the format of the inherent losses, I have custom 3D view and THX mode for 2D.
    Panasonic 3D sets offer no 2D to 3D feature conversion of a 3D simulation of a 2D source. The company seems to feel that the only true 3D experience, the format of a long-term success rather than short-term gimmick, and this is certainly a defensible position. This omission meant that I was a 3D calibration on the TC-P50VT25. 3D measurements, with working 3D glasses are made, and you can not activate the glasses with 2D test pattern. We need more posts on this with future 3D Sets as a 3D model is available, or rates, which provide a 2D to 3D conversion feature. Incidentally, this is how we calibrate the Samsung UN46C8000 3D HDTV. While subjective color judgments are risky. The Panasonic 3D color was more than acceptable in the Custom picture mode on the limited 3D source material available.

    The Panasonic set-up menus also offer a range of specialized 3D control. 3D input device format offers Auto, Native, side to side or up and down options. Typically, you should leave this control in the car, but if the machine will not display a 3D source correctly, you can try the other selections. There is a left/right swap control, in case the eye images have become reversed. It is unlikely, but you’ll know it when you see him, as it looks really weird. There is also a diagonal line filter. Corresponding to the manual, the “triggers unease by the reception of a signal Quincunx matrix caused”. The last time I experienced a quincunx matrix, after I took the red pill.
    3D performance
    I will discuss further the overall performance of the Panasonic in the usual 2D generic categories (color, resolution, black level, video-processing) a little bit. The issue at hand is the 3D performance of the Panasonic and was outstanding in this respect.
    Panasonic TC P50VT25 Panasonic TC P50VT25 Plasma 3D TV Review
    I checked this set 3D performance exclusively with Blu-ray 3D content played back on Panasonic DMP-BDT100 Blu-ray player 3D. In the Custom picture mode, with the contrast to maximum (100), the panel brightness control to High, and the gamma to 2.2 if the Panasonic a crisp 3D images, even in modest lighting. He had more pop than I remember from the Samsung UN46C8000, although the set is no longer on hand for a direct side-by-side comparison.
    The Panasonic 3D quality seems to be mainly limited to the original material. It’s no big surprise. The Panasonic has most of the best 3D, while it showed clearly in the worst problems. The latter included live-action shots of the Grand Canyon on Panasonic demo CD. While some of the shots were good, others did not see better than standard definition.

    Scenic shots of the Canadian wilderness looked so spectacular that I break the old kayak and shoot me some rapids wanted (until I realized I had not an old kayak and even a new one). During a clip looked palpably from the sights of Rome real, more preferably from Rome I would have to be here and antics less clown face jugglers, although some viewers enjoy the jugglers “popping-out-of-the-screen”.
    Of the four 3D Blu-ray movies on the animated hand, is Monsters vs. Aliens simply the most fun while Coraline makes the most of the 3D medium. Although Coraline is a bit scary and frightening for anyone to care, it offers a boatload of visual delights. I found the film more interesting and involving in 3D than when I first saw it was in 2D.
    Overall, 3D on the Panasonic as effective as any 3D to see you in a movie theater, apart from pure image size can. Unlike the Samsung LCD I reviewed last month remains the 3D illusion on the Panasonic unabated even with significant off-axis angle. You can nature wider viewing angle of plasma designs thank you.

    The Panasonic TC-P50VT25 new ground in the reduction of delay and movement in black level for currently available plasmas. Even without its 3D features, this is an excellent set. Whether you buy it for its 3D capabilities, or keep them a bonus, they are not likely to disappoint if you want 3D in the theater and love to bring the experience home. Panasonic Plasma and 3D is working properly.

  • INFINIA Series
  • 3D Ready TV
  • Full LED Slim w/Local Dimming
  • THX® Certified Display (2D only)
  • NetCast™ Entertainment Access (Wi-Fi® Ready)
  • Wireless 1080p Ready
  • DLNA Certified®
  • TruMotion 480Hz
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 10,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Seamless Design
  • Magic Motion Remote Control
  • Picture Wizard II (Easy Picture Calibration)
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • AV Mode II (Cinema, Sports, Game)
  • Clear Voice II
  • ISFccc® Ready
  • 24P Real Cinema
  • USB 2.0 (JPEG, MP3, DivX HD)
  • DivX® HD
  • 4 HDMI™ V.1.3 w/Deep Color
  • SIMPLINK™ Connectivity
  • Dolby® Digital 5.1 Decoder
  • Infinite Sound
  • Screen Size: 55" Class (54.6” diagonal)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1
  • Response Time (GTG): 1ms
  • TruMotion 480Hz
  • Local Dimming
  • 3D Ready
  • Viewing Angle: 178º/178º
  • Built-In Tuner: ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM
  • XD® Engine
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Aspect Ratio Correction: 6 Modes
  • Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching)
    • HDMI™: 1080p/1080i/720p
    • Component: 1080p/1080i/720p
    • RF: 1080i/720p
  • Color Temperature Control: 3 Modes
  • 24p Real Cinema (5:5/2:2 Pulldown)
  • 3:2 Pulldown
  • Picture Reset
  • AV Mode II
  • Picture Mode: 8 Modes
  • ISFccc® Ready
  • Intelligent Sensor Mode
  • THX® Certified Display (w/Bright Room Mode)
  • x.v.Color™
  • DTV Signal Strength Indicator
  • Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP)
  • Audio Output Power (Watts - THD 10%): 24W (12W x 2)
  • Speaker System Details: 2 Way 4 System
  • Dolby® Digital Decoder
  • Surround System: Infinite Sound
  • Bass/Treble/Balance Controls
  • Clear Voice II
  • Auto Volume Leveler II
  • EZ Sound Mode: 5 Modes
  • NetCast™ Entertainment Access
  • Yahoo!® TV Widgets
  • Netflix® Instant Streaming Ready
  • Vudu™ (Streaming)
  • Picasa™ Web Albums
  • YouTube™
  • DLNA® Certified
Special Features
  • Wireless 1080p Ready (WHDI™)
  • Wi-Fi® Ready
  • Picture Wizard II
  • Backlight Control
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • 1080p Source Input
    • HDMI™: 60p/30p/24p
    • Component: 60p/30p/24p
    • RGB: 60p (WXGA)
  • A/V Input Navigation
  • Input Labeling
  • Quick View (Flashback)
  • Parental Control w/V-Chip
  • Key Lock
  • Closed Caption
  • Language: 4 (English/Spanish/French/Korean)
  • Auto Tuning/Programming
  • Channel Add/Delete
  • Favorite Channel Programming
  • Auto/Manual Clock
  • On/Off Timer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Auto Off/Auto Sleep (When no video is present)
Inputs / Outputs
  • RF In (Antenna/Cable): 1 (rear)
  • AV In 1 (rear): 1 (side w/gender)
  • Component Video In (Y, Pb, Pr) + Audio: 2 (rear) 1 (side w/gender)
  • Digital Audio Out (Optical): 1 (rear)
  • HDMI™/HDCP Input (V.1.3 w/Deep Color): 3 (rear) 1 (side)
  • RGB In (D-Sub 15pin) - PC: 1 (rear)
  • PC Audio Input: 1 (rear)
  • LAN: 1 (rear)
  • RS-232c In (Service Only): 1 (rear)
  • USB 2.0 (JPEG, MPEG-4/DivX HD): 2 (side)
  • Wireless Control: 1 (rear)
  • Headphone Out: 1 (side)
Cabinet /Accessories
  • Seamless Design
  • Swivel Stand (Degrees): +20º/-20º
  • VESA® Compliant (WxH): (400mm x 400mm)
  • 3D Emitter: 1
  • Remote Control: 2 (Magic Motion & Unified)
  • Voltage, Hz: 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Standby Mode:<0.1W
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Without Stand
    • Height: 29.3"
    • Width: 49"
    • Depth: 1.3”
  • With Stand
    • Height: 31.5"
    • Width: 49"
    • Depth: 10"
Approximate Weight:
  • Without Stand: 57.1 lbs
  • With Stand: 67.5 lbs
  • Shipping: 76 lbs

Sticker Decal Skins is uniform Size:37cm*26.5cm
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  • waterproof,won't fade or scratched
  • Easily to put on and take off,no residual glue
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  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Chipset Intel® 45 Express
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 Graphics (optional)
  • 14″ inch LED Display (1366 x 768 Pixels)
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM 800MHz
  • 250GB SATA Hard disk
  • Webcam dengan microphone
  • 5-in-1 card reader
  • DVD Writer
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth
  • 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • 90Watt AC Adapter